Surgical Body Contouring Procedures

Getting your body to conform to the shape you want it to be isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes it takes diet and exercise, but sometimes it also takes a surgical approach. The results you’re after—the results that will enable you to feel comfortable in your own body—are not always achievable naturally. There are some surgical procedures that are designed to help you achieve transformations in size and shape that are both subtle and striking.

There are several ways that “body contouring” can be accomplished surgically. One is to focus on contouring the fat deposits around the body. The other is to focus on the skin. Sometimes, both of these approaches are combined. Your plastic or cosmetic surgeon will help you determine which approach will best accomplish your desired results, but much will be determined by your body—where there is excess fat, where there is excess skin, and so on. Getting the best body contouring result will often come down to choosing the best procedure.

Surgical Body Contouring Procedure Options

There are several options for achieving your body contouring transformation surgically. Among them are the following:

  • Liposuction: This procedure is designed to eliminate unwanted fat. Sometimes, no matter how much work you put into diet and exercise, there will be areas of fat that will remain. Liposuction can effectively target those areas and make the results look natural.
  • Body Lift: Sometimes, after an extreme weight loss, you may be left with a large amount of excess skin. This excess skin can be as disconcerting and discomforting as the weight you lost. A body lift will remove much of that excess skin, leaving you with a more svelte and streamlined figure, completing your weight loss journey.
  • Butt Augmentation: Big butts are in, and they can be exceptionally difficult to achieve via exercise. The solution, then, is a procedure known as butt augmentation. This procedure will increase the size of the buttocks and augment the shape, making sure you have a round back end of just the size you desire.
  • Tummy Tuck: This procedure deals with smoothing out the skin around the belly area, both by eliminating excess skin and by adding structure to the abdominal muscles. This is a popular procedure for people who have just a little bit too much skin around the belly area.
  • Mommy Makeover: This procedure actually combines several procedures: tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast lift procedures. The combination is designed to address common complaints that mothers bring to their surgeons—complaints that are caused or exacerbated by motherhood. Mommy makeover procedures attempt to address them all.
  • Breast Enhancement: There is no natural way to increase or decrease the size of your breasts. The only solution is to pursue surgery—sometimes that means breast augmentation, while other times that means a breast lift or breast reduction procedure.

Explore Surgical Solutions

Sometimes, you are not able to affect change on your body without help. These surgical solutions can help you get the body size and shape that will finally enable you to feel comfortable in your own skin. You will, of course, have to discuss your options and your expectations with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. That discussion begins with a consultation, so start making calls today.




surgical procedures

In the United States, there were almost 16 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed in 2014 alone.


percent rise

That number represents a 3% rise over 2013, a testament to the popularity of these procedures.


percent women

These cosmetic procedures were performed on 92% women, though the percentage for men is also on the rise.



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