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Among the most popular fashions today is the big, beautiful set of lips. Of course, the lips aren’t something you can change with diet or exercise, meaning that if you have thin lips it can be easily to feel as though you’re missing out on this trend. But that’s not necessarily true. There are, after all, ways to augment your lips using non or minimally invasive cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques. This means that, to a certain degree, you and your cosmetic surgeon have some control over how your lips look. So if you want bigger lips—that’s something you can get! All it takes is a trip to your cosmetic surgeon.

There are two primary ways of accomplishing a lip augmentation, and both of those ways involve injections of some kind. Many patients opt for an injection of specially tailored dermal fillers. Originally developed to replenish volume in the face, these dermal fillers are also great at adding volume to the lips. The other injection uses purified fat from your own body—with the added benefit of killing two birds with one stone (it removes fat from somewhere you don’t want it and adds it to a more desirable place).

Lip Injection Procedures

Most lip injection procedures are performed in-office, especially those that use dermal fillers. If you have a fat graft injection, the liposuction aspect of your procedures may need to be performed in a hospital or surgical suite setting (though you will, of course, need to confer with your cosmetic surgeon about that). In most cases, lip injection results will be visible immediately and there will be a relatively light “recovery” period (that does not include recovery associated with harvesting donor fat material).

Lip Injections with Dermal Fillers

During your consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you will determine the best dermal filler to use for your lip injection. One of the only drawbacks of dermal fillers is that they are temporary. The effects will begin to wane in a matter of months, so if you like the results, you will have to schedule maintenance appointments. That said, those results do look quite natural. Most people won’t notice you’ve had a lip injection, they’ll just notice that your lips look great.

Lip Injections with Fat Grafting

When it comes to Fat Graft-based lip injections, the process is a little more intense. In these cases, the bulk of the work is actually the liposuction procedure that harvests the fat. That said, this part of the procedure comes with benefits: instant loss of fat! The fat is then purified and injected into the lips. Since the injection is composed of your own fat, the results look completely natural. They also tend to be more permanent than injectable filler results.

Lip Injection Results

Getting bigger lips is a substantial goal for many patients. In order to achieve this goal, many patients find that their best option is a lip injection procedure. There are virtues to fat grafting and virtues to dermal fillers. Much will depend on the desired outcome of the patient. In any case, these procedures are a great way to get something that diet and exercise simply cannot deliver: bigger, sexier lips.

However, to really understand how you might look with plumper, bigger lips, it’s important to discuss this procedure with your cosmetic surgeon.

If you want to know more about either fat graft or dermal filler lip procedures, check out our growing collection of lip injections articles.





There were over 26,000 lip injections performed (not including those performed with dermal fillers) in 2014.


16% increase

Between the years of 2000 and 2009, non-surgical lip injection procedures increased by 16%.


minimal recovery time

Recovery time for most lip injection procedures is minimal - between 1 and 5 days.



Howard Stupak, MD

Dr. Stupak is a well known and well respected facial plastic surgeon serving the Connecticut area. To learn more about how he can give you bigger, bolder lips, contact his office to schedule a consultation.

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