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Diets are a multimillion dollar a year industry. As such, it’s no surprise that this industry—in the interests of self-preservation—is constantly churning out one new diet after another. To be fair, it’s not like there isn’t consumer demand for such diets. People are always looking for an easier, quicker way to lose weight. And it’s hard to blame them. Losing weight can be a lot of work—and it’s not something we all necessarily have time or energy for. An easier way to get the body we want is definitely appreciated. But not all of those means are actually healthy in the long run, though some of them can be in moderation.

We generally see a new diet fad every few years or so. It sells a lot of books, a lot of talk shows, and a lot of DVDs, then it fades into history. Sometimes, it sticks around a bit longer, sometimes not. So how can you tell which diet is legitimate and which is more of a fad? Now—to be sure—just because a diet is trendy doesn’t mean that there’s no merit behind it. But it’s important to keep in mind that good diets are tried and true, they’re tested. So let’s take a look at a few of these diets and see if we can figure out what’s worth a second look.

Popular Fad Diets

For as long as there have been diets, there have been popular fad diets. These trends might have some merit, however.

  • Atkins Diet: Perhaps the most well known of all “fad” diets, the Atkins Diet is known for letting you eat what you want to eat… mostly. With the Atkins Diet, you can eat meat, and red meat at that. Of course, you have to avoid carbohydrates. This means you have to avoid fruits, breads—even the croutons in your salad. The Atkins Diet will help you lose weight, but we’re not convinced that it’s a good long term change-of-lifestyle diet. There are just too many variables (what kind of toll, for example, all that red meat takes on your heart).
  • The Paleo Diet: With this diet, you eat nothing but raw food. You avoid all cooked food. The idea behind this is that, when human beings first evolved, we didn’t know how to cook, so we ate raw food—and, thus, our digestive system is more suited to work on raw food. Unfortunately, this ignores all of the microevolution going on in your gut. See, millions of bacteria and microorganisms live in your intestines. It’s a good thing. They help you digest food. And since a good chunk of that digestion is aided by those microorganisms—it’s important to remember that those microorganisms are best suited to help you digest cooked food. The paleo diet is one that, generally, we recommend passing on. That said, you should always listen to your dietician or nutritionist in cases of your diet.

Talk to Your Nutritionist

As always, you should speak to your nutritionist about your diet. Your body is, usually, very good at telling you how it’s doing. Part of your job is to listen. So if you have to undertake a fad diet for short term gain, that’s okay once in a while. Sometimes you’re going to need short term gains. But if you want to make a lifestyle change to bring about a more healthy you, it’s possible you’ll want to choose a more long-term effective strategy. In other words, there are better ways to get long term results than fad diets.

That said, if you would like to know more about diets, be sure to check out selection of highly useful diet articles.




a year of weight loss

Average weight loss for 12 months on the Atkins diet is about 10 pounds.


a popular trend

On average, 45 million Americans try some kind of diet each year.


short term gain

Most diets will last, on average, only 37 days (or 5 weeks and two days)



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