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Dec | 2015
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Summary: Lately, musician and celebrity K. Michelle has made some headlines not for what she’s gotten added to her body, but what she’s gotten removed. Contouring her buttocks area so that it has a little less mass is helping make K. Michelle feel better about her body.

K. Michelle Leads the Way

According to some recent news reports, musician and celebrity K. Michelle has undergone a plastic surgery procedure. Now, most of us might think that this plastic surgery would involve some kind of extreme cosmetic change, such as a breast augmentation or tummy tuck or liposuction or something to that effect. But that’s not necessarily the case with K. Michelle’s procedure. It turned out that, in this case, she underwent surgery to have a butt implants removed. K. Michelle is, of course, known for her ample rear end. And due to the popularity of butt augmentation procedures, we have been talking a lot about Brazilian Butt Lifts and so on.

Most women find the effects wonderful. However, in this particular case, K. Michelle found that she was being typecast as she sought to expand her acting career. She made the decision, then, to go ahead and remove her implants. To be sure, K. Michelle is certainly not flat in the back. She still maintains quite a backside. But it is, perhaps, not quite as exaggerated as it used to be. To the degree that this makes K. Michelle feel more comfortable in her own skin, we should definitely be happy for her. But it certainly gives us an opportunity to talk about the reverse side of butt augmentation—and that’s buttock reduction.

Butt Implant Removal, Because Nothing Lasts Forever

One thing about plastic surgery to remember is that it’s not always permanent. Certain procedures, especially those that remove excess tissue, for example, will certainly be irreversible. That’s how they’re designed to be. But even something like a breast augmentation is not truly permanent. Breast implants—and butt implants, for that matter—have a shelf life. They will eventually need to be replaced. Many patients take advantage of that time to downsize their implants. Some procedures may not truly be permanent in the following ways:

  • Breast augmentation: As mentioned above, the implant will eventually need to be replaced. This may take up to 25 years, but it’s still worth noting that you will need another surgery at some point.
  • Butt augmentation: Some patients may elect to downsize as time goes by. Even a fat graft procedure can wane if your body happens to go through a change or your weight fluctuates excessively.
  • Tummy Tuck: According to the website of the Minneapolis tummy tuck experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, this procedure is designed to mitigate excess tissue around the belly area. The results are usually effectively permanent, however, they can be undone by significant weight gain or significant weight loss.
  • Liposuction: This procedure appears, perhaps, to be the most straightforward. But liposuction results can be rendered temporary by natural weight gain. Usually, a thoughtful diet is enough to maintain results for quite some time, however.

In other words, it’s not just butt augmentation that doesn’t last forever. Plastic surgery procedures can last for decades, but most may require additional surgeries to maintain results.

A Change of Opinion

All that being said, one of the primary reasons why patients would elect to, essentially, “undo” the effects of their plastic surgery is because they change. As we age, we alter the way we think about ourselves. In other words, we think about our bodies—and how our bodies should look—a bit differently. You may not see yourself with breasts as large as those you had implanted; you may not see yourself with a rear end quite as big as the one you had surgically constructed. If you used a silicone implant for either of these procedures, getting the results you want could be as simple as switching to a smaller implant size.

If you got your butt lifted using autologous fat—that is, if you got a Brazilian Butt Lift—then getting the results you’re after may be a case of signing up for liposuction. In K. Michelle’s case, it was simply a matter of removing the butt implant she had inserted years ago. This was certainly a case where the circumstances of K. Michelle’s life had changed and, very likely, the way she thought about herself and her body also changed. She wanted her body to reflect that. At the end of the day, that’s what plastic surgery is designed to do.

So whether you’re looking to use plastic surgery to make something larger or to make something smaller, the end goal should be go help you get in a place where you can be exceptionally happy and comfortable with the way you look.

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