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Dec | 2015
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Summary: Holiday foods are the best: turkeys, hams, roasts of all kinds, trimmings and sides, buns and biscuits, fruitcake…. Okay, maybe not the fruitcake. The point is, the holidays can spell disaster for your diet and exercise program. Here are some tips for diet and exercise holiday success.

Learn Our Holiday Diet and Exercise Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of year again: the holidays. If you’re been on a diet or exercise regimen, this may be the time of year that you’ve been dreading most. Yes, it’s wonderful to see your family, to get everyone together for festivities. But then there’s the food—spread after spread of amazing, delicious food. How is your diet to survive? How can you exercise enough? Contrary to popular belief, the holidays are not a signal of some inevitable diet failure. In fact, you can get through the holidays without losing your momentum and emerge all the stronger for it.

Of course, if we’re truly honest about things, we know that it’s not just the holidays. Temptations abound when you’re trying to watch what you eat or make sure you hit the gym every day. And it’s also important to keep in mind that everyone is different—some of us can skip a day without any harm, whereas others might fall off the wagon completely with one change to the schedule. The first step in surviving the holidays is knowing what you can handle and what your limits are. After that, take a look at our tips, designed to get you through the holidays.

Of course, if all else fails, from Los Angeles to New Jersey liposuction is an option. We’re kidding (mostly).

Watch What You Eat… Literally

Let’s start by looking at some ways you can preserve your diet through the onslaught of holiday parties and family get-togethers. It isn’t always going to be easy, but there area few tips that might help you get through it in one piece:

  • No Skipping Meals: This should go without saying, but avoid skipping meals or any kind of fasting to “make up” for bigger meals. This kind of thing simply doesn’t work. All you’re doing is putting your body into starvation-mode, meaning it will actually be harder for you to lose weight. Eat regular meals and keep your metabolism going at a steady pace.
  • Avoid the Appetizer Table: Many times, a good host will put out a spread of snacks of appetizers. This gives guests something to munch on while waiting for the main course. If there’s a way you can politely avoid these appetizers and snacks, it will help you from putting on the pounds over the holidays.
  • Pay Attention to What’s On Your Plate: When it comes time for the meal itself, take things slow and steady. Pay attention to what’s on your plate and only take those items that you really love, that you really want to eat. Take smaller portions. It’s okay to take many servings, but keep the servings small because this will make you eat more slowly.

There are, of course, other ways to keep tabs on your caloric intakes. Share your strategies in the comments!

Keep Your Routine

The other side of the coin is, of course, the exercise. Let’s face it, exercise can be more of a drag than dieting (but it feels so good when you’re done with it!). Sometimes it can be easy to find an excuse not to do it (cold weather, for example). These tips will help you get through the holiday season:

  • Keep Up Your Routine: When it comes to any exercise regimen, it’s important to keep up a routine. Exercise around the same time every day. Sticking to this routine will help your body feel “ready” for exercise. And when you’re ready, it’s not so hard to get going.
  • Keep Your Schedule Manageable: When we get too busy, we tend to look for things to excise from our days, and exercise (no pun intended) almost always falls on the chopping block. Worse, sometimes we might rush through our exercises because we’ve got other things to get to. It’s better to take your time and simply do fewer things throughout the day (if you can).
  • Don’t Make it About What You Ate: You shouldn’t do “extra” because Christmas Dinner was last night and you over-indulged. That’s just a good way to injure yourself and make it even harder to get your exercise in. Keep your routine steady and exercise according to plan, not according to dinner.

Have more ideas? Share them in the comments!

Give Yourself Permission

The best advice I can give when it comes to surviving the holidays is this: give yourself permission to make mistakes. Know that if you overindulge during Thanksgiving dinner, it’s okay. Sure, it’s not ideal, but it’s also very understandable, and beating yourself up over it isn’t going to do any good. At the end of the day, you should be focused on spending time with your family—on enjoying the holidays—not on counting your calories. Have faith in yourself and listen to your body and you’ll be just fine!

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calories per meal

The average holiday meal is around 4500 calories, according to the Calorie Control Council


grams of fat

During an average holiday meal, 229 grams of fat are consumed by each person


calories per pound

In general, to lose 1 pound you will need to burn 3500 extra calories



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