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Nov | 2015
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Summary: When it comes to the breasts, there’s not much you can do to change their size. At least, that’s what we’re used to thinking. But it turns out that maybe there are some surgical and non surgical solutions to changing the breast size. There are exercises to make your boobs look bigger—and these exercises work to change the appearance of the breasts. Of course, if you want your breasts to actually change size, you might have to consider plastic surgery to get your ideal results.

Exercises for Everything

Typically, if a patient wants to increase the size of the breasts, surgery is the only option. And that’s technically true. However, there are ways to increase the appearance of the breasts without relying on surgery. To be clear, this does not mean that the breasts will actually increase in size—they’ll stay the same size. Rather, the concept is more akin to a push-up bra: making the breasts appear larger without actually changing their size. And you can do this using little more than targeted exercise.

After all, you can use exercise to target your belly, to increase the size of your arms, to give yourself chiseled abs or a chiseled jaw—it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are exercises you can use to prop up your breasts. The trick is targeting the muscles just beneath the breasts. By increasing the size of those muscles, you can effectively make your breasts look bigger than they are. (Again, an increase in the size of muscle does not translate into an actual increase in the size of your breasts—we’re just talking about appearance here.) So, what do these exercises look like?

Some Exercises to Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

Women’s Health recently published an article in which they discuss several ways that you can target your breasts with exercise. The first of these techniques involved using a technique called a dumbbell fly. In this technique, you would essentially lie flat on a bench with a couple of dumbbells. You would start with your arms extended straight upwards, and then slowly lower your arms until they are even with your chest. It’s almost like a reverse bench press. The resistance from gravity (and the dumbbells) mean you can effectively target the muscles below the breast.

Another exercise that’s popular for perking up the breasts is the good, old-fashioned push-up. We usually think of push-ups as something you do to help you tone up your arms (and that’s certainly true that it does that). But because of the way your body pushes against the ground (hence, push-up), you’re also working those chest muscles. Doing a few sets of push-ups a day is a great way to tone your arms and perk up the breasts, effectively killing two birds with one stone! Push-ups are also great because they can essentially be added to any workout routine out there.

There are still other exercises you can look at doing, among them, dumbbell bench presses or incline dumbbell bench presses. Of course, the results from exercise will take some time to show. You can’t get instant results with exercise. And you’ll need to make sure you’re eating right in order for the right kind of results to show. It will also mean that you’ve got to keep up the work if you want to keep up the results. So here’s what it comes down to: these exercises are a great way to get the results you want if you do not want surgery or if you are not a good fit for surgery.

Surgical Options for Breasts

But, in some ways, surgery is always going to be easier. That doesn’t mean it will also be better—just that the results will be more immediate and will require less work (not no work) to maintain. According to the website of the New Jersey breast lift and breast augmentation experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, breast lift procedures usually take several weeks to fully recover from (a few days to get back to your normal activities). And while it’s true that it may take a bit longer for all that swelling to recede, it’s still safe to say that you will see results more quickly from surgery than from exercise.

Choose What’s Right For You

That said, a combination of both approaches can help ensure you get the results you’re after. Your plastic surgeon will, of course, want to make sure that your breast size is relatively stable before surgery (in order to make sure that you end up with the size or shape of breasts you really want). But after surgery, you can use exercise to make slight alterations to the size of the breast, especially if you want it to be a little bit bigger.

So if you want to change the size or orientation of the breasts, there are certainly many ways you can do that. You can start with exercise and move into surgery or vice versa. The point is that you can sculpt and contour your body to be the way you want it to look. And then you can get all of the benefits that come with that.

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