nose contouring
Sep | 2017
posted in nose job by Dan Voltz

Summary: If you’re visiting this site interested in a nose job, you might be wondering: can you contour your nose? The short answer is yes, kind of. You probably wouldn’t perform a liposuction procedure on your nose (there simply isn’t …

Apr | 2016
posted in Body Contouring, Face Contouring by Dan Voltz

Summary: There’s a new trend sweeping the nation, and this time it’s not a new cosmetic procedure—it’s a new make-up procedure. Okay, maybe procedure isn’t the right word. This makeup trend is called contouring, and it’s a way to create …

Nov | 2015
posted in Face Contouring, nose job by Dan Voltz

Summary: When it comes to getting results, plastic surgery has long been the only way to approach body contouring. But lately, non surgical alternatives have been making waves, not only with facial procedures but also with body contouring procedures. We …



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