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Oct | 2020
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Summary: If you’re visiting this site interested in a nose job, you might be wondering: can you contour your nose? The short answer is yes, kind of. You probably wouldn’t perform a liposuction procedure on your nose (there simply isn’t enough fat there). But you can exert a significant amount of control over what the final product looks like.

The Trick to Contouring Your Nose

When we talk about body contouring, we usually mean your belly area or something like that. But what about your nose, can you contour your nose? It’s an interesting question, because we’re not really used to thinking about it that way. Certainly, changing your nose is possible. It’s called a rhinoplasty (or—a little less formally—a nose job).

But is getting a rhinoplasty the same thing as “contouring” the nose. When I think of contouring, I think of body sculpting more or less. Liposuction, for example, can really help you shape your body in a way that is not all that dissimilar from what a sculptor does with clay (I’m oversimplifying a bit, but you get the idea).

Is there a rhinoplasty procedure that can give you the same “sculpted” feel as liposuction does? Can you contour your nose in the same way you contour your tummy? The answer to that question is at once simple and complicated.

Sculpting Your Nose

There are two basic approaches to a surgical rhinoplasty procedure: adding volume and removing volume. Certainly, there are plenty of ways to do each. And we can save ourselves some headaches by interpreting these pretty liberally: removing volume, for example, could include fixing a drooping tip. I don’t want to diminish the wide variety of effects a nose job can accomplish.

And there are plenty of ways that surgeons can either add or remove volume (generally speaking) from the nose:

  • Surgeons might be able to “trim” the cartilage in the nose in order to give you the appearance you want
  • Surgeons can also add implants into the nose, sometimes replacing significant parts of your cartilage
  • Sometimes getting the effect you want is more about changing the placement of muscle, fat, and tissue around the nose
  • In other cases, surgeons can correct the function or position of the nose

In most cases, an incision is made around that little piece of tissue between the nostrils. This allows surgeons to pull that skin up gain quite a bit of access to your nose. There are less invasive options as well—but those options give surgeons less flexibility in effecting change. Much will depend on your final desired results.

Other Ways to Contour Your Nose

There are a couple of other ways to “contour” your nose that don’t involve surgery. Because, look, a nose job can bring about a wide variety of changes—broadly speaking, a rhinoplasty procedure might be able to significantly alter your nose and change the appearance of your overall face.

But many people don’t want permanent, bold changes to the nose. To some, contouring the nose is more about making small, subtle changes. There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Non Surgical Nose Job: There’s a procedure called the Non Surgical Nose Job. In many ways, this type of rhinoplasty is almost more like body sculpting. A cosmetic surgeon will use dermal fillers (such as Radiesse or Voluma) to literally sculpt volume into your nose. Now, it can only be used for adding volume, and it is only temporary—but for many patients, that makes this an excellent fit.
  • Make Up: There are certain makeup techniques that involve creating false highlights and shadows in order to alter the appearance of something (such as the nose). This makeup technique is known, ironically enough, as “contouring.” It’s capable of making your nose look different than it does. Of course, it only lasts until the makeup washes off. But it’s likely the least expensive option of all those available.

Getting the Nose You Want

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what we call it. A nose job is about ensuring that you—the patient—get the nose you want. That’s important. What we call it doesn’t matter quite as much. But we wanted to trot out the body contouring tag for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, it’s important to put a significant amount of thought into what you want your nose to look like, especially as it relates to the rest of your face. Your nose is kind of what holds everything together, so its appearance is going to alter the way your eyes, lips, and cheeks look too.

But we also wanted you to be aware that, to a certain extent, you can exert a significant amount of control over how your nose looks in the end—you can “sculpt” your nose. Sometimes using the “contouring” language helps drive that point home. Can you contour your nose? To a certain extent, yes!

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