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Nov | 2015
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Summary: When it comes to getting results, plastic surgery has long been the only way to approach body contouring. But lately, non surgical alternatives have been making waves, not only with facial procedures but also with body contouring procedures. We take a look at a couple of those non surgical alternatives: the non surgical nose job and Kybella injection for submental fat.

Changing the Shape of Your Body Without Surgery

Many patients want to change the shape of their bodies without having to undergo the ordeal of surgery. Sometimes, of course, surgery is both prudent and warranted. But, given the option, many patients will attempt a non-surgical solution first. It’s important to remember that non-surgical procedures are still relatively novel. This means that many patients often don’t think of them as capable of providing exceptional results. But starting with the non surgical nose job, that’s begun to change. Modern cosmetic surgery patients have a wide variety of options when it comes to alternatives for surgery.

It should be noted that, of course, these alternatives will not be able to achieve the total effects of a surgical procedure. Non-surgical approaches generally yield more subtle results. For many patients, that is part of the appeal. Additionally, non-surgical alternatives are generally not permanent. But again, this can be part of the appeal—taking your new nose for a test drive, for example. At the end of the day, these non surgical alternatives won’t be for everybody, but they can be remarkably effective ways of getting the results you’re after, especially when it comes to defining the contours of the face.

Non Surgical Nose Job

As the centerpiece of the face, the nose gets a lot of attention. Usually this attention is subtle—people look at the face as a whole and the nose is just part of that. But in some cases, the nose draws too much attention and the patient can feel self-conscious about the way it looks. In these cases, a patient may seek out a procedure called a non surgical nose job. This procedure, an alternative to more traditional, surgical rhinoplasty, works by injecting the nose with a dermal filler. Cosmetic surgeons can then “mold” this dermal filler into the desired shape.

This non surgical nose job procedure has a couple of advantages over traditional, surgical procedures. First and foremost, the results are instant. Patients do not have to wait through a painful recovery period to see what their transformed nose looks like. Second, the procedure can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Usually, patients are able to schedule their injections over the course of a lunch break, then take on the world with their new nose. Certainly, there is an element of instant gratification at work here—but it’s hard to argue with instant results—especially when those results can address dips and bumps in the bridge of the nose, drooping tips, and many other common complaints that require rhinoplasty to address.

If you’re thinking about a rhinoplasty procedure—that is, if you’re unhappy with your nose—but you aren’t quite sure how to proceed, talk to your cosmetic surgeon about non-surgical options.

Kybella for Jawline Fat Reduction

As we age, we might develop something called a double chin. The medical term is “submental fat,” which, honestly doesn’t sound as bad. A double chin is an accumulation of fat around the chin—so it looks like there is a fold in the chin. Usually the development of this tissue has much more to do with genetics than with one’s lifestyle, but that doesn’t help many people feel much more comfortable about the way that it looks. Liposuction is, of course, an option to remove double-chin fat, but liposuction can also be a big commitment, and recovery is both painful and time consuming.

An injectable that eliminates a specific kind of fat, Kybella offers a non surgical alternative to liposuction. Now, it should be noted that Kybella has only been approved for use on submental fat. This means that it cannot help you eliminate fat around your belly or on your arms or, really, anywhere except around your jawline. This has to do with the specially formulated way that Kybella works. It should also be noted that it takes several weeks for the effects of Kybella to become prominent. That said, the results are quite significant for most patients, who notice a sleeker jawline and more slender profile.

Investigate Non Surgical Alternatives

When it comes to body contouring, it’s definitely worth taking the time to investigate non surgical alternatives. It’s completely possible that traditional surgery is your best avenue forward, but there’s also a possibility that you could avoid surgery. In the end, what matters most are the results: and if a non surgical nose job or a Kybella injection can get you the results you’re after, it’s definitely worth investing the time into that research.

That said, the way place to find answers is by discussing your questions with a highly qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

5 responses to “body contouring non surgical alternatives”

  1. Susan says:

    Many years ago I had a rhinoplasty and it’s really stood the test of time but the recovery was something I wouldn’t go through again. I have a son who’s broken his nose playing hockey, football, etc. and he has also had a rhinoplasty but since then the nose never quite corrected the way he wanted but doesn’t want to go thru surgery. Will this type of non-surgical procedure correct what could be described as a crooked or deviated septum? Not for functional but just cosmetic. Thanks.

    • Dan Voltz says:

      Hi Susan,
      Certainly, you’ll want to discuss these questions with a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon (which I am not) in order to get definitive answers. But what I can tell you is this: the non-surgical nose job procedure may be able to change the cosmetic aspects of the nose. That is, it may be able to change how the nose looks. So, if your son is not worried about the functionality of the nose, a non surgical procedure may get you the results you want. That said, a lot depends on the nose itself. If your son is looking to repair a concave area in the side of the nose, non surgical rhinoplasty will work; if your son is looking to change the entire shape of his nose, traditional rhinoplasty may be a better option. The only one who will be able to tell you for certain is a cosmetic surgeon. Luckily, most cosmetic surgeons offer complimentary consultations.

  2. Hi Susan,
    This is a question I get fairly often. About half of my Non Surgical Rhinoplasty patients have had previous surgery on their nose. Most of them had good results initially, but have experienced scarring and shifting of their nasal structures over time. Some, like your son, were never really satisfied with their surgical results. Crooked noses can be difficult to correct non surgically, but if the bend is not too severe, it is certainly possible to get an excellent result with this procedure. I would suggest that you contact a doctor who has lots of experience performing the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure and send him or her pictures of your sons nose. Sometimes, we can determine if he is a candidate by the photo. Of course, if you live close to the doctor, nothing beats a live consultation. Hope that helps.

    • Susan says:

      Thank you very much for your reply Dr. Rivkin! I think it’s just fantastic that you took the time to respond to me and ultimately help my son with his nose. This website is full of wonderful information and I’m so glad doctors like yourself are featured and help people with advise. I look forward to learning more on here and wish you all the best!

  3. These are great examples of body contouring procedures that don’t require surgery.

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months of recovery

It can take nearly twelve months to recover from a traditional, surgical rhinoplasty procedure


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Most non surgical nose job injections can be accomplished in well under thirty minutes


days for recovery

Most Kybella injections require only 2-3 days of recovery time.



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